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An American Decade (2017)

'A fine novel about an emigre German singer at large in the America of the 1930s,
in which Richard Aronowitz displays his characteristic ability to mingle
the slow unravelling of ordinary lives with the ebb and flow of world events.
I greatly admired it.'

- DJ Taylor

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Richard auf der Jewish Book Week am 5. März 2017


Richard Aronowitz and John Steinberg: Fiction of Guilt and Identity

John Steinberg, Richard Aronowitz, Chair: Jenni Frazer
March 5th, 2017
Kings Place, St. Pancras
Start: 20.00
Head of Sotheby’s Restitution Department, Richard Aronowitz’s »An American Decade« is an ambitious novel that takes in the tumultuous 1930s and the subsequent dramatic events of mid-twentieth century history: the Third Reich; the little-known story of the Nazi organisation – the German American Bund; and the Kindertransport. 
John Steinberg’s Blue Skies Over Berlin is a moving and thought-provoking book about guilt and identity, featuring a young German woman who moves to London from war-ravaged Berlin in 1956. Taking a false name – Charlotte Brown – she lands the job of her dreams at the National Gallery, becoming enmeshed in a world of aristocratic rogues, conmen, thieves and shady art dealers. The authors discuss their work with writer and journalist Jenni Frazer.



An American Decade by Richard Aronowitz

An American Decade is a novel that connects the current political climate with that of the tumultuous 1930s; a decade in which the world was changed forever.

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